Thursday, May 5, 2016

the morning after

So this just goes to show what happens when you try and type on an iPhone with its silly autocorrect - heaps of typos and weird words.
Hooray at last I seem to have got in to do a new blog. It's a long time since I last did one.
Well, home ain't the happiest of place at the moment. I'm 6 weeks into a new job at police, and I've upset Amy and James sufficiently by saying I did not really want to go to Europe in July that Amy is basically not speaking to either of us and James' shrink has recommended couple counselling. It seems it's not okay for me to not feel enthusiastic about travelling away. Why not? Number 1: the stress - of organising the trip, who looks after the house a d cats while we are away, the angst and grumpiness that always goes on when we are travelling, lack if sleep etc. number 2: the cost. After James telling me we are $350k in debt from buying Raumati, 40k worse off because I was out of work for 7 mths, and we have 10k la scaling bill to pay 5-10 k for new wood burners, 30k for getting James rotten teeth fixed, and now another 10k for Amy's classics trip next year that will take her to Rome anyway. I don't think it's responsible or feasible for us to blow so much money on a trip under these circumstances. Number 3: I've just started a new job and I'm trying to settle in to it. I don't want to be away for a whole month when I'm just getting used to the whole working full time thing again. Number 4: Amy is doing NCEA and it's not great for her to miss two weeks of school. She missed three days when she went to opens and did not ms age to catch up the science or math that she missed which meant she did badly in her practice assessments and got all stressed. I don't think going away and having her miss mire school is wise under these circumstances. Number 5: James has not been in a very good mental state for some months and his new mess don't seem to be making him any happier. He's more alert, but he's a lot angrier and very negative. Not a great stAte to be in when you add the strAin of travelling and look how freaked out ge got on his last trip. Number 6: I wold lie to sing Mozart requiem with Orpheus but won't be eligible if I go away for a I think and miss four rehearsals. So there it is. Why should I have to feel so guilty when j have such sound reasons for not wanting to do this? Oh, did I me tin it would use up all my leave and not allow me to have an a trial restful holiday sometime?